Harmony Club

Every arts organization in every city (large or small) is challenged to fund its mission.  The same is true with Fort Wayne’s official chapter of the international Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS). The Summit City Chorus (SCC), Chartered in 1947, is one of the oldest chapters in the BHS.  Why does the chorus exist?  Three reasons!

1. Lots of men like to sing; so reason number one is to offer men that opportunity using musical arrangements that fit the accapella singing style we all love.

2. Lots of people love hearing the ringing sound of men singing four-part harmony; so we perform and sponsor two shows each year.

3. Finally, nearly everyone responds when the singing is “in tune” and entertaining; so we train with quality coaches using great musical arrangements.

Therefore, we exist to meet this mission .  .  .  “to offer male singers the opportunity to entertain using  music performances that adhere to the highest standards of vocal excellence and visual presentation.”

HOW CAN YOU PLAY A ROLE IN OUR SUCCESS?Your consideration of a gift, designated for one of these activities (Vocal Training, Annual Shows or Marketing Efforts)would allow us to make each event self-funded.  


Our singing members will still fund our general operating expenses.

Bronze Membership
 Gift of $100 - $499 

Silver Membership
Gift of $500 - $999

Gold Membership
Gift of $1000 or more


Each Harmony Club member receives two front and center seats at both annual shows, for each $100 donated - Gold (20 tickets)        Silver (10 tickets)    Bronze (2 tickets)

In addition, Harmony Club  members are recognized in each  show  program  and receive discounts on any advertisement they might like to include in each program.

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Simply click on Register and fill out the form.. Remember to tell us which chorus activity you’d like to  support with your gift.